Alpha International Travel Inc. (AIT) is an agency within an agency.  Why is this an advantage and how does it benefit our clients?

To begin, AIT is a boutique travel management company – read high touch personal service – affiliated with the newly branded parent company Internova Travel Group, LLC of Tzell Travel, an internationally renowned travel business with buying power that translates into something significant. More to come.

This marriage between AIT and Internova/Tzell means:

No bureaucracy.

You will get to know our highly experienced agents.  AIT is an intimate company – we know each other, talk to each other and our processes help all of us to keep abreast of what is going on with all our clients in real time.  Our structure is flat, not a call center model – no bouncing around from person to person – you get to talk to an agent you know, the operations manager or the owner to take care of your needs and resolve any issues quickly.

Cost savings.

With Internova/Tzell generating billions in annual sales volume, diversity of products, and internationally recognized stature we leverage these strengths to negotiate competitive or proprietary rates and preferential treatment with our airline, hotel, and other vendor partners, allowing us to pass on benefits to our clients in the form of discounted rates, increased amenities and waivers/favors not typically available with other agencies.

Any agency can save you money if you change the way you travel. The challenge is to design a program that provides value while still allowing your organization to travel in a way that makes sense for your business. By choosing AIT to be your consolidated travel provider, we can curate a program that works for you to greatly reduce travel spend without changing the way your employees travel. 

State-of-the art technology.


We provide access to the industry’s leading corporate online booking engines, state-of-art reporting, and analytics capabilities.


All the attributes mentioned above enable us to give you the service you are looking for.  We do not want to just claim that we are service-oriented, we want to prove it to you.  Moreover, we know that a corporate travel program works best, by not only focusing on cost but by revering travellers’ comfort, convenience, and special needs/requests. As such, our service is available 365/24/7.  In addition, the benefit from active travel program oversight means that you will be able to take stock of the program, evaluate recent initiatives, assist in vendor negotiations, and explore new savings opportunities.

You could select a larger agency and disappear in a maze of ‘preferred’ clients, or you could select a smaller agency in which you would be the dominant client but be tied to a company without the influence to negotiate favorable discounts, lack international capabilities or the income to purchase advanced technology.  With AIT you get the best of both worlds – high quality service with pricing advantages and technology support.

By matching unparalleled levels of service, advanced online booking technology with legitimate cost containment methods, we are confident that AIT can meet your needs.

You Want the Facts?

AIT. Alpha International Travel Inc. was founded by Colin Hall.  A graduate of the University of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania, his passion for excelling, out-of-the-box thinking and courage to try new ideas has been praised in multiple arenas. As a young man he drummed up business for an employer, which led to a position with a major airline where he was able to hone his skills in business operations, customer service, and management.

Realizing the need for a high-end, boutique-style international travel agency, gave birth to AIT in 1994.  Since then, he led the company, in arranging group events, corporate retreats, luxury accommodations, leisure travel and more. Understand from this that AIT is accustomed to clients who have complex travel arrangements and/or special preferences but can do the simple stuff too.

Just before the pandemic, AIT oversaw clients from government, financial, entertainment, philanthropic and sports industries, 6 employees, and successful arrangements across the globe.

Furthermore, AIT is a certified minority-owned business with staying power having weathered many business cycles including a global pandemic. We are one of those small businesses that helps to keep people employed and the economy humming.

Internova/Tzell. For over 50 years, Tzell Travel Group has been an internationally renowned, client focused agency that has long been the first choice of some of the most recognized names in corporate and executive travel. Founded in New York in 1966, today Tzell consists of over 2,300 employees in 7 wholly owned office locations throughout the United States and Europe enabling AIT to scale up and access other expertise domestically and internationally, when needed.  Internova/Tzell is recognized as one the top 10 travel management firms in the United States and United Kingdom by Business Travel News (BTN), Travel Weekly and Buying Business Travel.

Executive Team

Colin Hall

Colin Hall


Hall has over 20 years of experience in the business and travel industry. A graduate of the University of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania. His passion for travel at a very young age led to a position with a major airline where he was able to hone his skills in business operations, customer service, and management. Realizing the need for a high-end, boutique-style international travel agency, he founded Alpha International Travel, LLC in 1994. Since then, the organization has served individuals and international corporations with repeat business in travel planning, corporate retreats, luxury accommodations and more. Hall lives in New York City where he is active in UNCF’s Gates Millennium Scholarship Fund and a number of social and community-based projects with his national fraternity. He believes in remembering his roots as a young entrepreneur, and remains a hands-on manager who gives back to his community.

Jean-Marc Mériné

Jean-Marc Mériné

Business Development

Mériné has served as one of Alpha International Travel’s business development team for the past two years.  As the business development personnel, Jean-Marc works on gaining new clients/customers for which to sell Alpha’s amazing products while maintaining our existing customers and building stronger relationships.  Prior to joining Alpha, Mr. Mériné worked over 20 years in the financial industry as an investment professional.  Jean-Marc was the co-founder of Suoritus Partners, a New York based fund of hedge funds with over $350 million under management.  Prior to forming Suoritus, Mériné was a senior portfolio manager for a $2 billion Greenwich, CT based fund of hedge fund.  Mériné began his investment career at Drexel Burnham Lambert.  Jean-Marc attended Virginia Polytechnic Institute where he majored in Electrical Engineering and Math.  Mr. Mériné earned his Bachelors of Science from New York Institute of Technology, majoring in Finance. Jean-Marc is extremely active in the global community from his participation in the Haitian Fund for Innovation and Development to his involvement with the Bowery Mission.

Wanda Ortiz

Wanda Ortiz

Business Development Executive

Instrumental in the transformation of AIT as a globally recognized travel agency, Ortiz is responsible for creating long-term value for the corporation through the acquisition of new customers, larger markets, and deeper relationships.  She is also responsible for developing and implementing the comprehensive internal and external marketing plans for the company. In her varied roles, Ortiz utilizes her existing network within the travel industry to identify new business opportunities through and with corporations, hotels, airlines, non-profit organizations, RFP’s-contract procurement and other related businesses.  In addition to finding channels and markets for new business, Ortiz creates various strategies that bring value and generate revenue for the company. Ortiz holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Roosevelt University and served as Public Servant for the Chicago State and Local governments for 20 years.

Deborah Cohen

Deborah Cohen

Travel Specialist and Manager of European Market

Deborah was born in Japan and raised in Italy, Israel, and the US; her multicultural background has fueled her passion for travel from a young age. She is multi-lingual, fluent in English, Italian, Hebrew, with knowledge of French and Spanish. Having been surrounded by various languages and cultures her whole life, Deborah has learned to appreciate diversity and the exciting, dynamic world of travel. She is an expert in the European travel market. Deborah studied mathematics and computer science at Tel Aviv University, where she sharpened her problem solving abilities. She uses this skill in her travel work still, as she cooly approaches each client request as if it were an unsolved equation. Deborah, an effective communicator, is always eager to expand her network across the globe. Her job at Alpha Travel lets her do just that.

Martha Corazzini

Martha Corazzini

Manager of Corporate Travel and Team Lead

Corazzini has two decades of experience in managing corporate and VIP travel clients.  She has been with the company since its inception in 1994, and she is an expert in frequent flyer programs, international and domestic business, and leisure travel, handling travel groups from 10 to more than 500 with ease and professionalism on a daily basis.  Over the years, she has refined her skills and expanded the scope of her extensive contacts regarding minimizing costs and maximizing convenience using her knowledge of respective travelers and their personal account status with the company.  Corazzini earned a Bachelor of Science in Financial Accounting from the University of New Haven in Connecticut and holds an Associate Degree in Travel Administration.

Julie JH Kwon

Julie JH Kwon

Manager of Asian Market Division and Public Relations

Kwon is our great connection to the East, here in the West. With over 8 years of experience in client management, and marketing for 1st place ranking companies like AdAsia, Julie is amazing at developing winning relationships with Alpha’s clients. She graduated from Sejong University of Seoul, South Korea in 2003 with a B.A. in English Literature. Julie got her certificate of Finance and Investments in Contemporary American Business in 2011. She has a decade of experience as an interpreter, speaking fluently in English and Korean. Her communication skills are strong in maintaining the silent bond between Alpha’s vendors and clients. Her Sales and Public Relations duties at Alpha also include developing the Asian American division, and preparing promotional materials and displays.

Maria Helena Beharovic

Maria Helena Beharovic

Travel Consultant and Manager of Latin Market

A long-time employee of Alpha International Travel since 1996, Beharovic is currently Assistant Manager in the New York office. During her tenure at AIT, she has been instrumental in developing the Latin American Division; she also assists in training new staff members. One of her key roles is the organization of specialty familiarization trips. With excellent communication skills, impeccable organization skills, and a keen eye for details, she operates efficiently under pressure. Maria multi-tasks as needed to help both business and personal travellers achieve success on every trip. She holds a degree in Business Administration, and is fluent in Portuguese with a working knowledge of Spanish.


Our top-notch, never compromised, customer service is well-respected in the industry. We are known for a comprehensive, worry-free approach to luxury travel of any kind. From your regular poolside room you adore at your favorite hotel, to your preferred limo service while away, we deliver.

Precision Service
  • Personalized reservations assistance by a designated team
  • Dedicated toll-free phone lines to your travel team
  • Real-time web based reporting on-demand
  • Proactive account management
  • Senior management involvement
  • User-friendly online booking tool
  • Tutorials and live chat assistance for online bookings
  • 24-Hour emergency service
  • VIP services
  • Traveler surveys
  • Formal account reviews
Exceptional Value
  • Aggressive negotiating power
  • Competitive transaction fees
  • Low online booking fees
  • Real time, web-based desktop reporting to control costs
  • Web fares
  • Low fare guarantee
  • Non-refundable and e-ticket tracking
  • Travel policy consultation
  • Credit card reconciliation
  • No charge for canceling tickets within 24-hours of issuance
  • Blanket discounts on air, hotel and car rentals
  • Premier Hotel Program at more than 20,000 properties with negotiated rates of up to 67% off standard corporate rates and 70% off rack rates.

Owner’s Bio

Colin has over 20 years of experience in the travel industry. A graduate of the University of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania, his passion for excelling, out-of-the-box thinking and courage to try new ideas has been praised in multiple arenas. As a young man he drummed up business for an employer, which led to a position with a major airline where he was able to hone his skills in business operations, customer service, and management.

Realizing the need for a high-end, boutique-style international travel agency, he founded Alpha International Travel, Inc. in 1994. Since then, he led the company and served individuals and international corporations in travel planning, corporate retreats, luxury accommodations, leisure travel and more. Just before the pandemic, AIT oversaw clients from government, financial, entertainment, philanthropic and sports industries, 6 employees, and successful arrangements across the globe.

With the 2020 pandemic ravaging the travel industry, that same out-of-the-box thinking prompted Colin to form A-T Medical, LLC.  At his core Colin likes to help, often finding himself joining people with a solution, even connecting a church to a lender that provided a PPP loan after not making any headway with their own long-time banking relationship. 

Colin saw the nation reeling with suffering and in need of Personal Protective Equipment. He began planning his new medical supply company with his travel business contacts. His call to action! Problem + contacts = Solution. His wealth of business contacts is a primary strength of this new business. A-T Medical, LLC is certified as a MWBE business headquartered in New Jersey. It is recognized by the U.S. Government System Award Management and has been awarded a CAGE (Corporate and Government Entity) designation.


Our organization relies heavily on Alpha International Travel to handle repeat, large group, international business excursions for us.  We are never disappointed and know that our trips – no matter how large the group and no matter how detailed the expected itinerary – will be impeccably planned for us.

Marc H. Morial

President and CEO, National Urban League

I need someone I can call 24 hours a day / seven days a week to handle any pending and immediate travel arrangements for my employees and for me. Martha and Colin are always available to arrange our travel needs promptly, accurately and efficiently.  I depend on them and rely on Alpha International Travel without any hesitation.  One of many unique aspects to Alpha’s service is Martha is always available to support us when we need it the most – in emergencies.  Whenever flights are canceled or last minute changes are made, I know I can always count on her to help me out of any jam.  She provides us with such a sense of security knowing she is always there to help us.  I don’t know what we would do without her!  Thank you, Colin Hall and Martha Corazzini-Sorito for such continued fantastic service!

Jonathan Levin

Partner, Williams Capital Group

In my line of work, I travel frequently – almost daily – with frequent changes to the trips in terms of where I’m going and what I need to have at my disposal once there. Alpha International Travel handles the details for me, making all my trips, changes and all, seamless and pleasurable.

Kneeland Youngblood

President and CEO, Pharos Capital Group, LLC

Colin and his team at AIT make sure that my needs are met and my days traveling with them are worry-free and without any hassles

Rev. Jesse Jackson, Sr.

We constantly need assistance with large group movements in our travel planning along with detailed plans for both principals and students in a variety of settings – from conventions to international events and beyond. Alpha International Travel has always handled our travel plans with professionalism and attention to detail. We will certainly use them again and again.

Larry Griffith

Senior VP, UNCF