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Welcome to AIT Alpha International Travel, where luxury, intimacy, and efficiency converge.
Here, high-end luxury intertwines with personalized intimacy and unmatched efficiency. Private jet? Yes, Please! Every journey with us transcends the ordinary for an elevated travel experience where every detail is curated with you in mind. Welcome to a travel experience where every horizon beckons with promise and exclusivity. Welcome to travel, redefined.

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Our Services

Private Jets

Our private jet charters offer unparalleled convenience and luxury for those who demand exclusivity and efficiency. Every flight is meticulously tailored, ensuring privacy, comfort, and a seamless journey to your destination.

Luxury Travel is not just defined by where you go, but by how you get there. Will it be in a private jet, then a limo chauffeuring you to your hotel? Of course it will.

Now where would you like to go?

Top Destinations:

  • Find the ancient temples of Cambodia and Laos
  • Marvel the mountain villages of Greece
  • Enjoy the laid back locals of Costa Rica
  • Sit seaside the surf culture in Los Angeles
  • Find a thousand-year-old monument in London
  • Experience sizzling hot Latin flavors and night life in Miami
  • Sit near the volcanoes and black sand beach of Hawaii
  • Be mesmerized by the people and romantic scenes of Paris
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Corporate Travel

Business travel doesn’t need to be tedious. We transform corporate trips into experiences of ease and opulence. From efficient itineraries to luxurious accommodations, our corporate travel solutions are designed to align with your business objectives and budget while prioritizing your comfort and well-being.

Important trips can become daunting (take your pick – complex itineraries or overbooked flights). Not on our watch. Travel and Expenses represents the second highest annual expense, higher than IT or real estate costs. Corporate Travel Managers usually bear the burden of having to put together a corporate travel package miracle. We’re not just going to meet the company’s budget, we plan to exceed your expectations.

We’d like to bring your company’s attention to our outstanding negotiating leverage in hotel or transportation discounts, catering or billing.

Business Air Travel Services
  • We thoroughly check on upgrades, airline specials, executive perks, coupons and credit card promotions.

  • We provide you with alternate routes so that you can choose your path.

  • We use our contacts to advise you on ticket wholesalers or charter services for larger groups.

  • We provide information on foreign currency, customs, and other important cultural details.

  • We schedule private jets or yachts as needed through our expansive international partnerships.

Optimum Hotel Accommodations
  • We research the best hotels in your destination for discounts, specialty programs for corporate clientele, and organizations that cater to groups or corporations with special needs for presentations, etc.

  • We negotiate rooms, corporate travel rates, and amenities for your specific needs – as a group or as individuals.

Effortless Ground Transportation
  • We arrange shuttle services and research best prices.

  • We ensure best prices nationally and internationally.

  • We research and implement space upgrades.

  • We research and arrange special group shuttles, etc.

Corporate Travel Plans
  • We track past travel for your organization in order to provide you with the best possible service and options each time you travel.

  • We consistently reduce or keep the costs down on all trips.

  • We enforce and suggest enhancements to your current travel policies.

Personal Luxury Travel

Every destination and journey is handpicked to resonate with your unique tastes and desires. Whether it’s a secluded beach escape or a vibrant city expedition, we weave luxury into every facet of your journey.

When we started our business, it was with traveling businessmen and women in mind. We passionately focused on marketing corporate travel to corporate travelers. The obvious fact is it’s the business professional who needs intense downtime. They’ve got families to enjoy, and marriages to revitalize. Hard workers, Here’s to keeping your glass filled!

So, will you be traveling by land or by cruise?

Signature Travel Network

  • Exclusive land vacation bonuses in the form of discounted car and specially negotiated hotel rates
  • Food and beverage credits
  • Exclusive resort credits
  • Free hotel night stays
  • Cruise vacation bonuses including shipboard credits, stateroom upgrades, and free exclusive shore events (where available)

Group Travel


Crafting memorable group experiences is our forte. Whether it’s family reunions, destination weddings, or corporate retreats, we manage every detail, ensuring your group’s diverse needs are met with precision and care.

We create Sports & Entertainment packages
you’ll talk about for a lifetime!

Corporate and Group Travel for air, land, and sea in style and on budget…

The most important thing to our travelers is that they get the “full package” experience. Our exclusive and official partnerships in sports and entertainment are backed our award-winning attention to detail.

Experience Travel Elevated

High-Touch Personal Service: Our ethos is anchored in delivering personal, high-touch service that transforms your travel dreams into memories etched in luxury and finesse.

Global Affiliation, Local Touch: Proudly affiliated with the Internova Travel Group, LLC, and Tzell Travel, our partnership equips us with unparalleled buying power. This translates directly to cost savings for our discerning clientele. Our global network, combined with our boutique approach, ensures you get the best of both worlds – the intimate touch of a smaller travel agency with the expansive reach of a global enterprise.

The Alpha Team: Step away from the impersonal nature of call centers. At Alpha Travel, every interaction is intimate and personalized. Our team is a closely-knit ensemble of seasoned travel agents, ensuring you engage with familiar faces throughout your journey with us. Whether it’s our agents, operations manager, or the owner, we’re poised and ready to swiftly address and resolve any challenges, ensuring your travel is seamless and exceptional.

Value and Savings: Beyond savings, we’re committed to crafting itineraries that exemplify value. Our goal is to curate travel programs that optimize your budget without compromising your preferences. You travel your way, and we ensure it’s done economically.

State-of-the-Art Capabilities: Gain access to the industry’s premier corporate online booking engines, complemented by cutting-edge reporting and analytical tools. Navigate your travel with sophistication and precision every step of the way.

Client-Centric Approach: We believe in proving our worth through unwavering dedication to your unique needs and special requests. With Alpha Travel, you’re never lost in a sea of clients. Instead, you enjoy the singular focus of our boutique setup while still reaping the benefits, price advantages, and technological prowess typical of larger firms.

How We Began

AIT Alpha International Travel Inc. was brought to life by the visionary Colin Hall. This University of Pittsburgh alumnus is known for his exceptional drive, out-of-the-box thinking, and fearlessness to try new approaches. Surpassing expectations as a young entrepreneur, he managed to secure a high-ranking position with a major airline, where he honed his expertise in business operations, customer service, and management.

Identifying the gap for an upscale, boutique-style international tour and travel agency, Colin founded Alpha Travel in 1994. Since its inception, Alpha Travel has been a trailblazer in organizing group events, corporate retreats, luxury accommodations, leisure travel experiences, and so much more. Alpha Travel can effortlessly cater to clients with intricate travel plans or unique preferences — without compromising on simpler arrangements.

Alpha Travel has successfully managed a diverse clientele from the government, financial, entertainment, philanthropic, and sports sectors. Six dedicated employees and numerous worldwide achievements distinguish the team.

Alpha Travel prides itself as an officially certified minority-owned business that has persisted through countless business cycles — including the enduring global pandemic. As one of those resilient small businesses, Alpha Travel contributes to keeping people employed and ensures our economy continues to thrive.

AIT Alpha International Travel – A Boutique Travel Management Company Dedicated to Your Journey

To begin your curated experience, contact our professional travel agents.

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