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Seamless Group Travel Where Everyone Feels Like a VIP

Transcending ordinary group travel, we curate exceptional experiences for those in pursuit of memories shared collectively. Spanning continents and seas, our group travel services blend luxury with affordability, ensuring moments of shared wonder without compromise.

The comprehensive approach of our luxury tour company ensures that you and your group enjoy a seamless travel experience, always feeling that you’ve received the ‘full package.’ Dive into a world where group travel is not just facilitated but celebrated and every intricate detail is crafted to resonate with luxury, convenience, and utmost care.

Group adventures that resonate with exclusivity and elegance

  • Seamless group travel
  • Elevated experiences on land, sea, and sky
  • Elite event experiences
  • Special family events
  • Tailored group journeys
  • Personalized with the ‘full-package’ experience

Indulge in a curated experience where every moment feels tailored, effortless, and exclusively yours.

Seamless Group Travel

The details make all the difference in group travel, and we have mastered the art of perfection. Our clients savor the joy of collective experiences without the burden of logistics. From the initial planning phase to the journey’s end, our expert team manages every facet, including hotel bookings, exclusive excursions, transportation arrangements, and private flights.

Elevated Group Experiences - On Land, Sea, and Sky

We understand that group travel is more than just a shared destination; it’s a collective experience. Drawing on our vast industry expertise and global partnerships, we create bespoke itineraries that transcend the ordinary. Whether charting private yacht journeys across shimmering seas, securing luxury lodgings in hidden terrestrial gems, booking business class flights, or whisking you away in the comfort of a private chartered jet, every touchpoint is laced with opulence.

But our commitment doesn’t stop at crafting the perfect journey; it extends to the intricate dance of coordinating every detail. From ensuring synchronized arrivals to organizing group excursions that cater to varied tastes, our team meticulously stitches together each element. With Alpha Travel, groups don’t just travel; they revel in orchestrated experiences that amplify camaraderie and shared luxury.

Elite Event Experiences

We elevate group ventures to some of the world’s most sought-after events, turning them into journeys of unmatched prestige. Whether it’s the exhilarating rush of the Super Bowl, the time-honored tradition of the Triple Crown, the unparalleled allure of The Masters, the thrilling speeds of The Daytona 500, or the unpredictable excitement of March Madness, our expertise is in curating an experience that goes beyond the ordinary.

We use our extensive network to secure VIP access, exclusive tickets, and unparalleled views, ensuring you’re not just a spectator but a distinguished guest. Our concierge support takes care of every detail, from bespoke travel arrangements to in-event assistance, all meticulously crafted to align with your budget. Experience the grandeur of the world’s premier events through a privileged lens.

Special Family Events

Some moments are etched in the heart forever — and we are here to make them even more special. Whether you’re dreaming of a picturesque family reunion along the Amalfi Coast or envisioning a fairy-tale destination wedding at a château in the French countryside, our specialists bring a touch of magic to your group’s travel aspirations. We aim to understand the unique essence of your celebration, ensuring every detail, from the choice of location to bespoke event arrangements, exudes perfection.

Our global network allows us to secure exclusive venues, design impeccable itineraries, and ensure every attendee is swathed in luxury and comfort. Your special events aren’t just planned; they’re lovingly curated, transforming familial bonds and vows of love into timeless memories set against the backdrop of the world’s most enchanting destinations.

Tailored Group Journeys

Recognizing the unique requirements of group travelers, we meticulously craft itineraries that not only serve the purpose of the trip but also infuse a touch of luxury and distinction.  Specializing in orchestrating planned excursions for high school and college sports teams, faith-based church groups, educational field trips, business trips, and high-profile corporate events, we navigate the diverse needs of varied group travelers.

For our sports teams, we ensure top-notch facilities, training grounds, and recuperative accommodations. Church groups are treated to serene retreats that resonate spiritually, while our educational excursions prioritize enriching experiences with an emphasis on safety. And for our corporate clientele, every company trip is an elegant blend of business and leisure, ensuring productivity while offering moments of relaxation. Group travel transforms from mere logistics to an experience tailored to the journeying group.

Celebrate Together

AIT Alpha International Travel is not just about reaching a destination; it’s about the collective journey, the shared laughs, and the mutual memories. When you use our group travel services, you’ll experience luxury, affordability, and moments that bind, all curated with precision and passion.


AIT Alpha International Travel – A Group Travel Company Crafting Collective Journeys of Distinction

Contact our professional travel team to bring your group together for a bespoke experience.


Let’s unite through the joy of running

and overcoming obstacles!

I am a first-time marathoner. How do I get started?

We typically arrange marathon travel for groups via a personal organizer and trip advisor. That group can be your family, co-workers, friends, etc. consisting of three or more folks. If you are running solo, and would prefer a double-occupancy price, we can help find another single traveler to share rooms. We only need to know two things (1) do you want to use your own frequent flyer miles? And (2) do you plan on sightseeing or engaging in any general activities?

What kind of Marathons do you travel to?

There’s the Walt Disney World Marathon, Boston Marathon, Berlin Marathon, Paris Marathon, Easter Island, and even Antarctica! …You let us know the specific marathon you want, or just choose a location and we’ll research marathons in that area for you.

Can you customize a package for me?

Is our name Alpha International Travel? …Of Course we can! We are a full service world-wide travel agency; our staff has a combined total of seven decades of experience catering to: special needs flyers, travelers who request luxury, or those who are particular about their hotel rooms. We can arrange anything.

I plan on making the best out of my marathon travel, can you suggest any tours or activities in that area?

For sure. We’ll find you the best tour-guides, restaurants, and cultural activities for you to get into – when in Rome!

Marathons can be so consuming, how can I ensure its success so I don’t have to worry?

We are all about the details, but we never hesitate to react quickly and positively when you need to make adjustments. Feel free to contact us while in transit or at the marathon to adjust your travel plans in a professional and timely manner.

Can I register for the marathon through Alpha InternationalTravel?

No. You must register by usual methods.