In the travel world, technology is your best tool against the unexpected. Sure it’s intimidating to set up protocols that also account for your protection. But we eliminate your concerns with our suite of precision services.

  • Desktop Reporting: Through PerisKope, the 360 degrees of travel, we provide integrated travel services specifically designed to control costs and identify opportunities for travelers. For a closer look click here.
  • Online Reservations: We use ALIGNED, an application that allows us to minimize costs and maximize customizable booking opportunities without restrictions. For a closer look click here.
  • Global Reporting: Using Central Command with Agresso, which is a fully integrated business information system that is specifically engineered for the travel industry.
  • Quality Control: TRAK actively manages better seats, routes, etc. – even tracks unused e-tickets and flags other issues.
  • Agent Ware: This acts as an agent / reservation system for managing client profiles.
  • Concur: This provides as easy way to manage client profiles, book online, offer “Travel Managers” to help with itineraries and more. For a closer look Click here.
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