Important trips can become daunting (take your pick – complex itineraries or overbooked flights). Not on our watch. Travel and Expenses represents the second highest annual expense, higher than IT or real estate costs. Corporate Travel Managers usually bear the burden of having to put together a corporate travel package miracle. We’re not just going to meet the company’s budget, we plan to exceed your expectations.

We’d like to bring your company’s attention to our outstanding negotiating leverage in hotel or transportation discounts, catering or billing.

Business Air Travel Services

  • We thoroughly check on upgrades, airline specials, executive perks, coupons and credit card promotions.

  • We provide you with alternate routes so that you can choose your path.

  • We use our contacts to advise you on ticket wholesalers or charter services for larger groups.

  • We provide information on foreign currency, customs, and other important cultural details.

  • We schedule private jets or yachts as needed through our expansive international partnerships.

Optimum Hotel Accommodations

  • We research the best hotels in your destination for discounts, specialty programs for corporate clientele, and organizations that cater to groups or corporations with special needs for presentations, etc.

  • We negotiate rooms, corporate travel rates, and amenities for your specific needs – as a group or as individuals.

Effortless Ground Transportation

  • We arrange shuttle services and research best prices.

  • We ensure best prices nationally and internationally.

  • We research and implement space upgrades.

  • We research and arrange special group shuttles, etc.

Corporate Travel Plans

  • We track past travel for your organization in order to provide you with the best possible service and options each time you travel.

  • We consistently reduce or keep the costs down on all trips.

  • We enforce and suggest enhancements to your current travel policies.

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