The Meaning of A.I.T.

Want to get to know Alpha’s resources? So you can be aware of who or what is at your disposal, we like to play the acronym game…

Always Available and Accountable –

Stress free travel and your safety is paramount. We make a ‘round-the-clock commitment, considering the number of scenarios that could happen - while on your trip, or while planning your trip. Call us. Early birds and night owls are welcome 24 hours a day, every day of the week. You’ll deal with the same dedicated account manager, every time.

Independently owned with Integrity and resourceful Instincts –

Less bureaucracy, more progress. Independently operated means we have time to customize your requests and offer real-time solutions.

We’re independent but very well connected. We leverage the buying power of our friends in travel management such as Tzell/Travel Leaders, one of the largest players in the industry; you can bet, $20 billion in buying power is nothing to sneeze at! That’s good news for our customers. Better deals, better accommodations, better experiences.

To top it off, our connections have connections - Starwood Properties, Four seasons preferred partner program, Ritz Carlton stars, Leading Hotels group, Preferred Hotel‎ Group and Small Luxury Hotel Group.

Talented and TrendyTravel Professionals –

AIT has been New York strong for 20 years; we have no choice but to keep up with current technology and travel trends on social media and travel dashboards. Our travel professionals have over 6 decades of experience combined, so our scope on industry trends is huge. We leverage those 60 years of experience by defining our talents. With that, we place our professionals in areas they are not only skilled at but are naturally talented in, and therefore passionate about. 

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