We create Sports & Entertainment packages

you’ll talk about for a lifetime!


Corporate and Group Travel for air, land, and sea in style and on budget…

The most important thing to our travelers is that they get the “full package” experience. Our exclusive and official partnerships in sports and entertainment are backed our award-winning attention to detail.

What kind of sports events do you support?

We’ve arranged travel for UFC fight-nights in Vegas, the Super Bowl, NBA and MLB All-Star games, even horse racing. Golf events, soccer, moto, and auto racing are not excluded. We’ll make sure your travel plans outline the specific stadium or arena entries, seating times, and limitations.

How can I maximize my fun?

With sports, entertainment naturally follows. We can set you up with the best supporting concerts, clubs, and hosted events in that sporting area. For Ideas not listed here, be sure to call us at xxx-xxx-xxxx.

What types of event incentives do I have available to me?

We are always looking for deals our customers can benefit from, so we’ve got you covered. There’s also opportunities for VIP access, exclusive tickets, and full-trip concierge support. Don’t worry, we’ll find some way to make the trip more special.

Can you offer an extra advice?

We do not suggest driving to the games once you get there – we can arrange train or bus; Some arenas have strict rules on what you can and cannot bring – we’ll keep you updated; we’ll offer ideas on what supplements to bring considering the weather; and buy your game tickets directly from that corporation, counterfeits are a problem.

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