Alpha International Travel Inc. (AIT) is an agency within an agency.  Why is this an advantage and how does it benefit our clients? 

To begin, AIT is a boutique travel management company – read high touch personal service – affiliated with the newly branded parent company Internova Travel Group, LLC of Tzell Travel, an internationally renowned travel business with buying power that translates into something significant. More to come.

This marriage between AIT and Internova/Tzell means:

  • No bureaucracy.  You will get to know our highly experienced agents.  AIT is an intimate company – we know each other, talk to each other and our processes help all of us to keep abreast of what is going on with all our clients in real time.  Our structure is flat, not a call center model – no bouncing around from person to person – you get to talk to an agent you know, the operations manager or the owner to take care of your needs and resolve any issues quickly.
  • Cost savings. With Internova/Tzell generating billions in annual sales volume, diversity of products, and internationally recognized stature we leverage these strengths to negotiate competitive or proprietary rates and preferential treatment with our airline, hotel, and other vendor partners, allowing us to pass on benefits to our clients in the form of discounted rates, increased amenities and waivers/favors not typically available with other agencies.

Any agency can save you money if you change the way you travel. The challenge is to design a program that provides value while still allowing your organization to travel in a way that makes sense for your business. By choosing AIT to be your consolidated travel provider, we can curate a program that works for you to greatly reduce travel spend without changing the way your employees travel. 

  • State-of-the art technology.  We provide access to the industry’s leading corporate online booking engines, state-of-art reporting, and analytics capabilities.
  • Service. All the attributes mentioned above enable us to give you the service you are looking for.  We do not want to just claim that we are service-oriented, we want to prove it to you.  Moreover, we know that a corporate travel program works best, by not only focusing on cost but by revering travellers’ comfort, convenience, and special needs/requests. As such, our service is available 365/24/7.  In addition, the benefit from active travel program oversight means that you will be able to take stock of the program, evaluate recent initiatives, assist in vendor negotiations, and explore new savings opportunities.

    You could select a larger agency and disappear in a maze of ‘preferred’ clients, or you could select a smaller agency in which you would be the dominant client but be tied to a company without the influence to negotiate favorable discounts, lack international capabilities or the income to purchase advanced technology.  With AIT you get the best of both worlds – high quality service with pricing advantages and technology support.

By matching unparalleled levels of service, advanced online booking technology with legitimate cost containment methods, we are confident that AIT can meet your needs.

You Want the Facts?

AIT. Alpha International Travel Inc. was founded by Colin Hall.  A graduate of the University of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania, his passion for excelling, out-of-the-box thinking and courage to try new ideas has been praised in multiple arenas. As a young man he drummed up business for an employer, which led to a position with a major airline where he was able to hone his skills in business operations, customer service, and management.

Realizing the need for a high-end, boutique-style international travel agency, gave birth to AIT in 1994.  Since then, he led the company, in arranging group events, corporate retreats, luxury accommodations, leisure travel and more. Understand from this that AIT is accustomed to clients who have complex travel arrangements and/or special preferences but can do the simple stuff too.

Just before the pandemic, AIT oversaw clients from government, financial, entertainment, philanthropic and sports industries, 6 employees, and successful arrangements across the globe.

Furthermore, AIT is a certified minority-owned business with staying power having weathered many business cycles including a global pandemic. We are one of those small businesses that helps to keep people employed and the economy humming.

Internova/Tzell. For over 50 years, Tzell Travel Group has been an internationally renowned, client focused agency that has long been the first choice of some of the most recognized names in corporate and executive travel. Founded in New York in 1966, today Tzell consists of over 2,300 employees in 7 wholly owned office locations throughout the United States and Europe enabling AIT to scale up and access other expertise domestically and internationally, when needed.  Internova/Tzell is recognized as one the top 10 travel management firms in the United States and United Kingdom by Business Travel News (BTN), Travel Weekly and Buying Business Travel.

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