You Want the Facts?

Alpha International Travel Corporation was founded in 1994. Our independence allows for a personalized, boutique experience for clients. But our five star connections grant our client the globe. AIT is committed to impeccable buying power within the industry and travel vendors. Our networking efforts create unique opportunities for business and luxury travelers. Please call or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

...So You've Got the Facts, Now hear our voice…

We went through a phase when being an independently owned business with diverse clientele was our highest praise. And it should have been, considering the decade of our peak business and our accomplishments. Today, those descriptions have not proven to be as important as just being good at what we do. We're certainly not outdated in travel style, and we keep up with what's trending on the web. We still take ourselves to school as students so that we can stand as leaders. That's an Alpha's promise!

Our commitment to Learning

To prove our dedication to learning, we attend monthly classes focusing on Travel Account Management and Microsoft Excel. Our classes are geared toward troubleshooting and tailored to the corporate or leisure travel agent’s background. The classes offer ways to improve corporate reporting, manage customer lists, and improve the value of target marketing. We research new ways to manipulate Rescard data, SABRE, and WORLDSPAN to increase client/agent profitability.

Our Motto…

"We like to sum our motto up in one word: SERVICE. The client’s request is our world. In fact, the client's request can be the world. It only takes one phone call to prove it."

Our Premise…

A corporate-travel program not only works best when it adheres to principles of performance management, but when travelers’ comfort, convenience, and special needs are revered.

Consider Our Style of Business…

We cover the executive who needs quick and reliable WiFi access, to the sales team with a flawless pitch that needs impressive fine-dining to close the deal. We even plan meticulously for families with special needs, like a quiet room away from other travelers. 

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