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Business Air Travel Services
  • We thoroughly check on upgrades, airline specials, executive perks, coupons and credit card promotions.

  • We provide you with alternate routes so that you can choose your path.

  • We use our contacts to advise you on ticket wholesalers or charter services for larger groups.

  • We provide information on foreign currency, customs, and other important cultural details.

  • We schedule private jets or yachts as needed through our expansive international partnerships.

Optimum Hotel Accommodations
  • We research the best hotels in your destination for discounts, specialty programs for corporate clientele, and organizations that cater to groups or corporations with special needs for presentations, etc.

  • We negotiate rooms, corporate travel rates, and amenities for your specific needs – as a group or as individuals.

Effortless Ground Transportation
  • We arrange shuttle services and research best prices.

  • We ensure best prices nationally and internationally.

  • We research and implement space upgrades.

  • We research and arrange special group shuttles, etc.

Corporate Travel Plans
  • We track past travel for your organization in order to provide you with the best possible service and options each time you travel.

  • We consistently reduce or keep the costs down on all trips.

  • We enforce and suggest enhancements to your current travel policies.

Meetings & Groups

On average, our clients hear about AIT’s Meetings and Group Travel by word of mouth. If it were our first time hearing about AIT, what would we say to impress ourselves? We wouldn’t hesitate to talk about our best feature – effortlessness.

It’s possible your last Meeting or Group Travel planning experience left you saying, “I don’t have time for this!”

Even technologically savvy executives can become overwhelmed with input while making travel plans. We can certainly relate to the value of flawless booking. We’re executives with a first-hand account that will benefit every corporate travel planner. We consistently provide:

  • Aggressive negotiating power
  • Competitive transaction fees
  • Low online booking fees, & web fares
  • Real time, web-based desktop reporting to control costs
  • Low-fare guarantees
  • Non-refundable and e-ticket tracking
  • Travel policy consultation
  • Credit card reconciliation
  • No charge for canceling tickets within 24-hours of issuance
  • Blanket discounts on air, hotel, and car rentals
  • Premier Hotel Program – at more than 20,000 properties
  • Negotiated fares: 67% off standard corporate rates
  • Negotiated rates: 70% off rack rates